Welcome to pooh-bah.com!
This Website will give you access to the most basic services you need for your mailaddress! Currently everything should work, so that's a thing. Also it is late and I'd like some pizza.

Rainloop is a Webmail Service.

It has a nice design and let's you add multiple mail accounts in one session.

I have an invitecode and would like to request an email address!

The Alternative Email is for password resets.

I would like to change my password.

If you are having problems please message Jawa.

Settings for your email Program:

IMAP: mail.jawa.run:993 SSL/TLS (accept all certificates), plain Password
POP3: mail.jawa.run:995 SSL/TLS (accept all certificates), plain Password, not tested
SMTP: mail.jawa.run:465 SSL/TLS (accept all certificates), plain Password, use full email for login

Mail is encrypted with SSL && SHA512 encryption. Uptime can not be guaranteed, but since I use this server for my personal email I have a certain motivation to keep things running.